Gynecological chairs

  • GOLEM 6ET Treatment - лечебный стол для гинекологии и урологии

    Golem 6ET – Treatment

    Golem 6ET – Treatment chair for gynaecology and urology

    All functions of the gynaecology chair GOLEM 6 TREATMENT series necessary for ambulatory care and, in addition to that, they allow for minor procedures.
    A high level of operator and patient safety is ensured by covering of all parts of the table with grey plastic casings.

  • Գինեկոլոգիական բազկաթոռ GOLEM 6ET Examining

    GOLEM 6ET Examining

    GOLEM 6ET Examining

    Examination table for gynaecology and urology 

    Gynaecology chairs of series GOLEM 6 EXAMINING are designed for ambulatory gynaecological procedures and common treatment. They are characterized by a modern design with a sophisticated and fully functional concept that meets all your requirements. Full covering of all parts with grey plastic casings ensures very easy maintenance of the table.

  • GOLEM F1 – gynaecological chair for IVF

    GOLEM F1

    GOLEM F1 – Multifunctional table for gynecology Golem

    Gynaecological chair Golem F1 is first table which connects resourceful and impressive design with top-class functions. You can use it in standart gyneacology office as well for IVF treatments. Together it gives satisfaction for all Your request, is carefully for patients, make Your work easier and faster. Moreover Golem F1 looks really great.
    Complete adjustable of all segments by 6 electromotors: height adjustable, trendelenburg, back segment, head segment, leg segment and foot support.
    Full synchronic adjustable of all positions in same time with full-load: starting position, gyneacology examining position, examining of ultrasonograph including vaginal sonde, lying position.