BTL logo brand Armenia PhisiotherapiaBTL engages in design, manufacture and sales of medical equipment. The company operates in 4 distinct segments: physiotherapy, cardiology, pneumology and medical aesthetics. Its products for physical therapy include electrotherapy, lasers, ultrasounds, magnetic therapy, shockwaves and manufacture of couches and whirlpools. Its cardiology segment offers a wide range of electrocardiographs, software solutions, and products for holter monitoring. The pneumology products include a desktop spirometer and spirometry options for ECGs.
The BTL aesthetic medicine division offers cutting edge technologies for fat-dissolve, skin tightening, anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle care. The flagship of the aesthetic medicine – Exilis – is a unique, revolutionary platform for volume reduction and reshaping problematic areas.
The products have been ISO and CE certified, and many of them cleared by the US FDA, as well as by a number of other regulatory bodies. BTL is proud that its medical equipment consistently meets the most stringent requirements on quality.
BTL was founded in 1993. Today, it is among the world’s five largest manufacturers of physiotherapy equipment. The company supplies its products mostly through distributors designated for each country, or through its sales subsidiaries. Its major markets include European Union, United States and East Asian markets.
BTL has a tradition of innovation. It is the innovative nature of the company and the drive and determination of its employees that makes for company’s fast growth and expansion of its scope of products and markets.