Virtual pro-COAG 2021| Webinar


Virtual pro-COAG 2021| Webinar
Wednesday 27th of January 2021,
18:00 (Yeravan Time)

What is pro-COAG?
Pro-COAG is a scientific and educational event, with top experts in the area of Coagulation, sharing their knowledge on current hot topics.

Since the first meeting in 2019, the pro-COAG covers topics of interest for laboratories, clinicians and healthcare institutions and facilitates a discussion to help shaping future pathways in the field of Coagulation and identifying unmet medical needs.

This year, the pro-COAG will be held virtually and we are looking forward to offering you a deep dive into Coagulation, with an exciting scientific program.

Why attend pro-COAG?
Stay up-to-date on the latest global trends and most significant developments in the area of Coagulation.
Expand your knowledge and learn from world class key opinion leaders about the latest state-of-the-art in this exciting field.
The pro-COAG meeting allows participants to exchange opinions and experience with other lab experts and clinicians around the globe.

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