PREVI Color Gram

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A market-leading automated Gram stainer PREVI® COLOR sprays confidence in your lab!
▻ Standardization – slides are all stained the same way
▻ Up to 30 slides ready in 5 minutes
▻ Eco-friendly system
▻ Staining adjustable to your practices/habits


Faster Gram staining to support antibiotic therapy adjustment | Improved Standardization by combining with WASP® Gram Smearing Module | Accurate standardized staining | Clean and safe staining | Intuitive workflow | Optional cytocentrifuge function

These days, your microbiology lab faces increased staffing, time and workflow pressures. Yet you can’t let that influence your quality standards: accuracy, time-to-results and full traceability for accreditation. Automated and designed for intuitive workflow, PREVI® COLOR GRAM gives you confidence in the results you provide. It makes Gram staining easy and safe while ensuring accurate, standardized results in minutes.

Accurate standardized staining

PREVI® COLOR GRAM is an automated Gram stainer system that provides accurate, standardized results for all types of specimens.

◾ Standardized staining – innovative spray nozzles always
◾ dispense the same reagent volume
◾ No cross contamination – each slide separated & fresh staining reagent used each time
◾ Improved microorganism differentiation compared to
◾ manual and bath staining results
◾ Full traceability of reagents, users and maintenance – troubleshoot problems & ensure compliance
◾User management to ensure standardization of the process

Clean and safe staining

Use of hazardous reagents in the Gram staining process is a safety concern, especially when it’s done manually. PREVI® COLOR GRAM has been designed with your safety in mind. And its smart cleaning and disposal features are convenient and environmental responsibility too.

◾ User Safety
◾ Ready-to-use, closed reagent bottles
◾ Integrated reagent waste container to avoid user contact with waste
◾ Low toxicity of crystal violet
◾ Level sensors avoids waste spillover
◾ Clean & convenient
◾ Self-contained waste system (no need for a sink)
◾ Automated cleaning after 3-hours shut-off
◾ Fewer maintenance issues
◾Environmentally Friendly
◾ Waste container
◾ Less waste: economically uses just enough reagent needed

Intuitive workflow

Your lab is continually being asked to do more with less – so you need to make the most of your time and workflow. Manual Gram staining is a time-consuming, demanding procedure. PREVI® COLOR GRAM’s automated, intuitive workflow makes your life easier.

◾ Simply Load & Go (just 2 handling steps!)
◾ Easy intuitive touch screen
◾ Customize & program protocols to suit your needs
◾Rapid results (3-5 minutes)
◾ Fully automated process from fixation to slide drying
◾ Improved lab workflow with single or batch slides possible
◾ Can be integrated with Full Microbiology Lab Automation
◾ Convenient, compact system adjusts to your lab

Optional cytocentrifuge function
Get added flexibility and function by turning your PREVI® COLOR GRAM into a full-featured cytocentrifuge system with the ingenious optional PREVI™ ROTOR.

◾ Economical (2 instruments in 1!)
◾ Safe & reliable with airtight carousel
◾ Can be loaded/unloaded under laminar flow hood
◾ Choose single or dual chambers (expand from 8 to 16 slides)
◾ Adjust speed, acceleration rate, time
◾ Easy-to-use programmable memory
◾ Easily switch between staining & cytocentrifuge

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