Covid-19 Scientific Webinar Series

Covid-19 Scientific Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Coagulopathy in COVID-19: which challenges do we face in the area of Coagulation.
07 July 2020 | Yerevan Time: 17:00
Registration https://bit.ly/2YMfOMq

Webinar 2: Methods for cardiovascular (CVD) risk stratification and management during the COVID-19 pandemic
08 July 2020 | Yerevan Time: 16:00
Registration https://bit.ly/3eHwhHj

Webinar 3: Host response biomarkers in COVID-19
14 July 2020 | Yerevan Time: 19:00
Registration https://bit.ly/2YLT7bm

Webinar 4: Preeclampsia Prevention During the Pandemic
16 july 2020 | Yerevan Time: 16:00
Registration https://bit.ly/2BTWaVG

Covid-19 Scientific Webinar Series

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